Garnet / Natural Abrasive Sand

Global Minechem Corporation offers natural abrasive sand in India. We provide fine, medium and coarse natural abrasive sand for a range of industrial application usages. We deliver reasonably charges Natural Abrasive which is environmentally and operator friendly. They are alternative to silica sands and minerals slags which offer a class Sa3 White Metal finish.

Characteristics of Garnet / Natural Abrasive Sand

Garnet particles are dense, stiff and sharp. They are free of heavy metals and toxic elements. The lower friability of abrasive enables recycling up to 5-8 times and the comparatively high density makes sure swift blasting speeds.

Typical Physical Properties

Hardness ca. 7,5 – 8 mohs
Grain shape angular
Melting point ca. 1.300 °C
Specific gravity ca. 3,5 – 4,3 g/cm3
Bulk density* ca. 1,9 – 2,2 g/cm3

* Depending on grain size


Typical Chemical Analysis

SiO2 (no free silica) 35,00 %
Fe2O3 33,00 %
Al2O3 23,00 %
MgO 7,00 %
MnO 1,00 %
CaO 1,00 %


Available Sizes

Natural Abrasive Sand 12 – 20 Mesh
Natural Abrasive Sand 12 – 24 Mesh
Natural Abrasive Sand 20 – 40 Mesh
Natural Abrasive Sand 20 – 60 Mesh
Natural Abrasive Sand 30 – 60 Mesh
Natural Abrasive Sand 60 – 80 Mesh
Natural Abrasive Sand 80 – 120 Mesh

Key Usage of Garnet / Natural Abrasive Sand

It is progressively superseding other blasting media as it is environment friendly and reusable. They are utilized in:

  • Oil Petroleum industry maintenance, oil wells and refineries
  • Ship building, ship yards and repair yards for blasting purpose
  • New buildings, bridges and rail tanks
  • Stone washing of denim fabrics without damages
  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Abrasive Papers
  • For Powder coating
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