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Quartz is a mineral that’s obtainable from the crust of the earth. It is highly valuable for its enormous usage. Its chemical term is SiO2 (Silica, or silicon dioxide) and is found in igneous, metamorphic as well as sedimentary rocks.

Characteristics of Quartz

Pure quartz, customarily called rock crystal or clear quartz, is colourless, transparent or translucent, and has often been utilized for hard-stone carvings. Its usual colored varieties include citrine, rose quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, and milky quartz. Many of the stones made from quartz have great healing qualities. Their attributes are pretty varied, and many have powerful as well as effective vibrations.

Typical Technical Specifications

Properties Unit Value
SiO2 % 99.70% (00.20%)
Fe2O3 % 00.04% (max)
Al2O3 % 00.12% (00.05%)
Cr2O3 % 0.00040 (max)
TiO2 % 0.016
LOI % 0.17
Refractive index 1.544 – 1.553 – Dr + 0.009 (B – G interval)
Specific gravity 2.65 constant; variableinimpure varieties
Melting point 1650 (75) 0C
Streak White
Boiling point 22300C
Crystal system Trigonal
Solubility H2O insoluble

Available Mesh Size : 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 500, 30 x 80 / 40 x 150 / 24 x 60 / 20 x 80 / 36 x 150 / 2mm / 1mm / 0.5mm


Size Fractions

Millimetres Scale ASTM Scale
0.08-0.15mm 100-200 Mesh
0.1-0.2mm 70-120 Mesh
0.2-0.4mm 40-70 Mesh
0.3-0.6mm 26-40 Mesh
0.6-1.2mm 16-26 Mesh
1.2-2.5mm 8-16 Mesh
2.5-4.0mm 6-8 Mesh
4.0-6.0mm 4-6 Mesh
6.0-8.0mm 3-5 Mesh
38 Microns 400 & 200 Mesh

Key Usage of Quartz

Quartz is most essential in the manufacturing of Engineering Quartz stones, Silicate Glasses as well as Ceramics. It is even used in other industries such as rubber industry, plastics, adhesives, refractory, foundry, cosmetic, electrical, abrasives, paints, and coatings. It is a highly vital mineral in our day to day life.

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